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Seeds of nigelle powder



Powder seed of nigelle pure 40 grams pure and 100% natural.

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Known for centuries in the East, the seed of nigelle is one of the oldest remedies used by man. These preventive or curative virtues to act effectively against many evils. The seed of nigelle stimulates the immune defences and strengthens the resistance of the body.
For more details, refer it to the instructions for use inside of the box.
Capacity: 40 g.

1 - The headache

Ibn al-Qayyim says in the chapter "The prophetic medicine" of his book "the baggage for the beyond": "the application of oil of nigelle in dressing eliminates headaches not accompanied by fever.
A second mode of employment: apply oil of nigelle to the painful part and then massage.

A third: mix the seeds of nigelle crushed in olive oil and administer nasal a few drops of the resulting product.

2 - The migraine hemi head

Take a small amount of mashed clove seeds, Nigella seeds and crushed barley powder.mix everything well and knead with honey bee. Apply the mixture on the pain part at night until the morning accompanying this treatment of a taking of a teaspoon of oil of nigelle fasting for three days.

3 - The cold

"If the patient is in a jar from the seed of nigelle crushed that he regularly sent, it will be issued of her cold". (Ibn al-Qayyim in "the background for the beyond")
Grilled and then looted, finally mixed in olive oil then administered intranasally as drops, three to four times per day, the patient is cured of the occasional cold accompanied by many sneezing.

4 - The sore tooth, gingiva, the aluette and throat

Ibn al-Qayyim said: "If the seed of nigelle is cooked with vinegar and the patient uses the preparation in baths of mouth, the patient produced by sensitivity to cold vanishes then toothache."
Another preparation: boil the seed of nigelle and use the water of the porridge in baths of mouth and and gargles. Cover of oil of nigelle on the neck and the edges of the maxilla
superior on the teeth by taking a spoonful of oil of nigelle fasting every morning.

5 - Vertigo, otitis and hearing disorders

Against dizziness, it isadvised to massage the temples and the nape of oil of nigelle.
Against the otitis, it is advisable to put a few drops of oil of nigelle well filtered in the ear.

6 - Eye headaches

Apply oil of nigelle on the edge of the eye and mix a few drops of the oil to any hot drink or to the carrot juice and eat the mixture.

7 - Occasional deformation facies

Ibn al-Qayyim said: "oil of nigelle also accommodates the deformations of the Chin (when the latter tends to lean towards one side of the face) by application and massage the nose."

8 - In the treatment of insomnia

Take a spoonful of oil of nigelle mixed with warm milk sweetened with honey of bees.

9 - In the treatment of headache

Take a spoonful of oil of nigelle mixed in juice of blackberries.

10 - The treatment of shortness of breath and respiratory failure

Ibn al-Qayyim said: "the taking of a quantity of nigelles seeds mixed in water eliminates the shortness of breath and respiratory disorders."

11 - Asthma

Boil the oil of nigelle and deeply breathe the steam morning and evening in y ajoutant a spoonful of oil of nigelle to crushing and swallowing morning and evening also, provided that this is done in front of the meal. It is also advisable to massage the breast and neck of oil of nigelle bedtime. It is generally advised to consume lot of oil of nigelle because what it contains of the Nigella known properties promoting good breathing in the treatment of asthma and cough.

12 - Heart problems and blood pressure

It is advisable to consume oil of nigelle in amount with any hot drink due to its absorption of fat and its power to expand veins and arteries.

13 - Hypertension

Add a few drops to a any hot drink and eat.

14 - Pulmonary diseases due to cold

Take a large spoon of oil of nigelle, mix with water, bring to a boil, inspiring unobstructed vapour with a towel on his head; at the same time take the thyme tea mixed in seed of nigelle powder where its oil.

15 - The evils of the stomach and the intestines

Ibn al-Qayyim said: "the seed of nigelle oil weakens the evils of stomach."

16 - The bitterness

A few drops of oil of nigelle mixed with warm milk sweetened with honey of bees.

17 - Ulcers

Take a spoonful of oil of nigelle, mix to a honey of bees coffee cup, add a spoon of sweet grenades peels, consume the mixture daily fasting followed with a glass of milk not sweet and this, for two months.

18 - Intestinal crisis

Take equal amounts of aniseed, cumin and Mint, mix and boil, sweeten with honey and add a spoon of oil of nigelle to the infusion. Eat hot. It is desirable to massage the painful area with oil of nigelle.

19 - Pancreas pain

Make a compress of confis of seed of nigelle petrie in the oil warmed on the left side before sleep. Drink a glass of fenugreek tea sweetened with honey and added a spoon of oil of nigelle to, in parallel for 15 days

20 - The bloating and the expulsion of gases

Ibn al-Qayyim said: "the seed of nigelle eliminates bloating, relieve clogged ducts and dissolved gases".
Put three drops of oil of nigelle in a cup of coffee or tea and eat.

21 - Nausea and vomiting

A spoonful of crushed cloves, 1 tablespoon of oil of nigelle, mixed three days with a mint tea. Another method: boil the seed of nigelle to the nail
cloves and eat three times a day without sweeten.

22 - Diarrhea

Mix a spoon with soup of oil of nigelle to a glass of yogurt and eat. Repeat the treatment until disappearance of the diarrhoea.

23. The problems related to the elimination of urine, the rules and breast activity

Ibn al-Qayyim says: "crushed and kneaded with honey consumed with hot water,... the seed of nigelle facilitates the elimination of urine, rules and removes the problems of secretion of milk if mixture is consumed regularly."
Another way: massage the part above the bladder with oil of nigelle consuming in parallel with the infusion of seed of nigelle sweet honey every night before sleep.

24 - Sexual failure

Take 200 grams of seeds of nigelle well mashed, add 100 grams of crushed male incense, 50 grams of oil of nigelle, 50 grams of oil to rocket 50 grams of oil of olives, 200 grams of pure bee honey. Mix all and eat a spoon with each meal.
The120 years old will experience the vitality of a man in 20 years.

25 - Sore back and joints (rheumatism)

Slightly warm oil of nigelle and vigorously massage the painful area. Also eat a spoon of oil of nigelle three times per day.

26 - The treatment of sprains and bruises

Boil a handful of seeds of nigelle, immerse the Member reached into the water of the porridge for a quarter of an hour staining gently articulate member. Then massage the oil of nigelle member. Not hard, shake or wear anything and before

27 - The resorption of fractures

Take a soup of lentils, onion and hard boiled eggs. Eat with a spoon full of oil of nigelle. Massage of oil of nigelle close location of the fracture. Upon removal of the plaster, massage gently in the oil of nigelle heated.

28 - The fragility of bones and the problem of paralysis in children

After removal of the clothing of the child in a hot room, his prick whole body fish spines after what massage oil of nigelle. Administer three times per day to the patient a spoon of fish oil.

29 - The fight against hair loss

Well massagethe scalp of lemon, and allow a quarter of an hour. Thoroughly wash with shampoo and then well dry. Then apply oil of nigelle any scalp for a week and the fall of hair will totally disappear if God wants.

30 - Total and partial baldness treatment

A spoon of nigelle crushed seed, a coffee cup of diluted vinegar, a teaspoon of garlic juice. Mix all and apply on the part reached after elimination of the hairs and scraping of the sick part. Cover with a compress and allow the morning to the evening. Then massage of oil of nigelle during one week.

31 - The treatment of herpes

Apply oil of nigelle to the sick part daily. It is advisable to repeat the operation several times per day.

32 - The treatment of the various manifestations of dermal fungi

Take a glass of seed of nigelle mashed, a glass of essence of Apple, a glass of oil of nigelle. Do boil the essence of Apple and then pay successively the seed of nigelle crushed and the oil. Stir until thickened. Apply on the sick part during a

33 - The treatment of warts

massage oil of nigelle during fifteen days in applying to take a spoonfuloil of nigelle three times a day.

34 - Depigmentation of the skin treatment and crusts

Ibn al-Qayyim said: "crushed and mixed with vinegar and then over the affected parts of depigmentation crusts or films, the seed of nigelle eradicate evil."

35 - The elimination of juvenile acne

Add to a glass of seed of nigelle half a glass of peelings of grenades. Kneading the whole with a glass of essence of Apple. Heat at bearable temperature and mix the same amount of oil of nigelle. Apply on the buttons and the tubera.

36 - Treatment of dermal diseases in general

Prepare a mixture of oil of nigelle, essence of rose with wheat flour in the proportions 2-1-1 respectively. Clean the sick place by a cotton soaked in diluted vinegar, spread the preparation and expose the sick place to the morning sun. It is advisable to avoid the foods causing allergic effects: eggs, fish, mango etc.

37 - Treatment of eczema

Apply oil of nigelle tepid to the irritated parts.

38 - Treatment of depressive States

Add five drops of oil of nigelle to a cup of coffee or

39 - TreatmentCancer localized

Massage three times a day the location of the tumor and after every meal, for three months, take a glass of carrot juice mixed with a spoon of oil of nigelle.

40 - Treatment of diabetes

A glass of seed of nigelle mashed mixed with a spoonful of finely ground myrrh, half a glass of seeds of cardamine, a glass of peelings of grenades crushed, a glass of cabbage seed crushed, a spoon of mixed rule with oil of nigelle. Eat at unfed.

41 - Treatment of gynaecological and obstetric problems

Take a spoonful of oil of nigelle and mix of anise tea sweetened with honey, five times a day for forty days. It is recommended to use the oil of nigelle with all
the obstetrical diseases in hot drinks.

42 - Treatment of the bad mine

Mix a spoon of oil of nigelle and a spoon of olive oil, massage the face of this mixture and allow for an hour. Wash the face with SOAP and water.

43 - Development of intelligence and memory improvement

Put a spoonful of oil of nigelle in a tea of mint sweetened with natural honey. Eat hot.%3Cbr/%3E
44 - Treatment of General fatigue States

Take daily and fasting a glass of juice of orange mixed with a spoon medium oil of nigelle during 10 days. 

Nervous tension -a teaspoon of seed oil, black with a cup of tea makes you cool down and eliminates symptoms of tension.

Cough and asthma -rub the chest and back with black seed oil, drink three cups soup of oil per day and breathe in the steam of a mixture of oil and water of black seeds.

Slowness and laziness -a spoon black beans soup with orange juice in the morning for ten days (you'll see the difference for yourself).

Activation of memory and quick perception -a teaspoon of oil seeds black with 100 mg of mint boiled for ten days.

Nausea and vomiting -a teaspoon of Carnation ground a spoon black beans soup in boiled Mint3 timer log.

Stenosis of heart and blood vessel disease -drink of the black seed oil without interruption with any hot drink. This dissolves fats and veins and arteries dialates

Vitiligo and leprosy -rub the area with vinegar and then Apple with black seed oil for 15 days

Headache -rub the front and sides of the face near the ears with black seed oil, and a spoon coffee of oil to take 3 times a day.

Hair loss -rub the scalp completely with lemon and leave for 15 minutes. Wash with water shampoo and and after drying completely apply the black seed oil to any scalp. Repeat for a week and hair loss will stop completely.

Hypertension -whenever you drink hot drinks with a black teaspoon of seed oil preparation and take also to two lobes of garlic every morning before breakfast. Rub all over the body with the black seed oil and expose your body to the rays of the Sun for half an hour once every three days. Repeat for about a month.

Diabetes-prepare a mixture of one cup of the (whole) black seed, to a cup of water Cress seeds, half cup of skin of Pomegranate and half a cup of fumitory. Please correct the mixture at power. Take half a spoon of mixture and spoon coffee black seed oil log before breakfast for a month

Sexual impotence -mix 200 g of black seed ground olive oil + 100 g ground naphthalene + 50 g of oil seeds black + 50 g of oil of cresson of water + 50 g of oil of olive + 200 g of pure honey bee. Mix completely and take a spoon to soup after each meal. This will restore the vitality even later after menopause.

Meningitis -breathe in the steam of the black seed and drink a spoon black beans soup with the juice of lemon in the morning and in the evening



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Seeds of nigelle powder

Seeds of nigelle powder

Powder seed of nigelle pure 40 grams pure and 100% natural.

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