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The costus is one of the best drugs and has no side effects.
It is very useful for problems related to the ovaries, and the absence of menstruation. It is also used for the problems of diabetes, it stimulates the pancreas and decreases blood sugar levels in the blood.

Occult diseases :

Need to mix it with coranisee olive oil, and try to put it in the nose in the same way when you use drops.
= > This enables the costus to enter the place or hiding the djinn, that is to say the brain. And at this time, the djinn fled in fear and can be led out bi idni Allah.

You can also drink with water.
= > This is very beneficial to treat other diseases such as: urinary problems, diseases of the kidneys, the liver, the cancer mouth, ect...

For the djinns :

It can be used as the nafh7a in the bled: by mixing half of a small spoon coffee and then suck it up by thenose in the sniffing.
It can be used also as bkhor. The Prophet the called in a hadith figures (good smell). There is no harm to the children, men, etc.

With olive oil: put it in a bottle of oil coranisée for 10 days. And every day you shake the bottle minimum once (keep this bottle in a place where there are lots of Sun).
= > After ten days it is used as a massage oil.

Information that is above have been translated from an Arabic site of confidence منتدى الخير
This site contains a large raquis, specialists in the hijama, roqya and prophetic medicine. It is very reliable machae allah.