Nigella (Abba sawda)

Nigella (Abba sawda)

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  • Oil Nigella Al Morssala

    Oil of Nigella The highest concentration in the world of thymoquinone, of dithymoquinone, of thymohydroquinone, of thymol and Omega 3 and 6 plant "especially in the pure oil ' ("Quar'annic" for free by brother Abou Moussaab Maher) 

    6,18 €
  • Safa Black seed Oil, Cold Pressed

    Safa Black seed Oil, Cold Pressed Our Safa Black seed Oil, Cold Pressed is free coranized for you .It is used for a variety of conditions and treatments related to respiratory health, stomach and intestinal health.   Net weight : 30 ml 

    6,35 €
  • Hemani Blackseed Cream mixed with plants (Massage &...

    Hemani Blackseed Cream mixed with plants (Massage & Muscle Relaxant)  Effective for all skin problems.Help in the case or the skin becomes dry as in the case of alergie and eczema. It is contains plants beneficial for skin, rich in vitamin E Net weight : 100 ml  

    4,75 €
  • Hemani Black Seeds Oil 60ml

    Hemani Black Seeds Oil  Our Hemani Black Seeds Oil is effective against disease such as bronchitis, asthma, neuropathies and poor digestion. (Free coranized for you by brother abou moussaab)Keep in its closed container, from air and light at less than 25 c temperature. Net weight : 60 ml

    5,70 €
  • Nigella Hemani Oil

     Nigella Hemani OilOur Nigella Hemani Oil  have little odor, but when ground or chewed, developen perfume approaching to oregano. The taste is aromatic and slightly bitter.Furthermore, the essencial oil contains significant amount of fatty acid ethyl esters. One of its active ingredients, Thymoquinone, has been effective in reducing the size of existing...

    8,00 €
  • Shampoo SEED NIGELLA & NATURAL HERBS (500ml)

    Shampoo SEED NIGELLA & NATURAL HERBSOur Plantil is a shampoo Nigella seeds and medicinal plants to anti-dandruff effect. It prevents dandruff and gives your hair vitality and natural brightness.Net weight : 500ml 

    5,32 €
  • Black Seed Soap

    Black Seed Soap (Habba Sawda) Our Black Seed Soap (Habba sawda) is recommended in many Muslim countries due to its excellent properties for health. Our Black Seed Soap has powerful anti-aging properties of black seed soil mixed with the healing properties of Shea butter and Jojoba Oil. Restores and controls essential moisture while cleansing your skin.

    2,00 €
  • Integer black seeds ( Habba Sawda)

    Integer black seeds ( Habba Sawda) Sannouj Known for centuries in the East, the black seed is one of the oldest remedies used by man.  Net weight : 250g  

    5,89 €
  • Organic Nigela Sativa Seed Powder

    Organic Nigela Sativa Seed Powder  Our Black seed powder can be stirred into hot water for a tea, can be sprinkled on any food you desire, added to yogurt, bread dough or even to hair or skin products. The Black seed powder stimulates the immune defences and strengthens the resistance of the body. Net weight : 40g

    2,99 €
  • Integer Nigella (black seeds 50g)

    Integer Nigella (black seeds )Integer Nigella (black seeds ), to use with the honey for all ills, the Messenger of Allah alayhi salat wa salam said: "Care using the black seeds, it's a cure for all ills except death."Net weight : 50g

    3,00 €
  • Nigella mixed with honey (500g)

     Nigella mixed with honey  Both honey and black seed have antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and anti-cancer properties, although most studies showing these effects have been conducted on people. While black seed honey provides a sweet treat, don't use it to treat a health condition without your doctor's approval. Net weight : 500g 

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  • Hemani Black Seed Oil (500ml)

    Hemani Black Seed Oil  Our Hemani Black Seed Oil has also been show to help with respiration, gastrointestinal processes, reduce stress and reducing the risk of cardiovascular diseases. It has also been shown to have an anti allergenic effect due to its functioning as an antihistamine. Net weight : 500 ml 

    26,74 €
  • Shampoo with Nigella Oil (Alhourra)

    Shampoo with Nigella oil (Alhourra) This mild shampoo is designed based on oil of nigelle rich in very active elements and exceptional and miraculous virtues. It feeds essentially combat the fall of hair, eliminates dandruff and cleans up the scalp. It gives your hair vitality and natural brightness.Net weight : 250 ml

    4,66 €
  • Nigella Oil 1000ml

    Nigella Oil 1000ml Nigella Sativa Oil is the perfect balance food complement your interior. You full of energy to face the changing seasons! Each year, two priests of Nigella

    50,00 €
  • El Baraka SOAP

    El Baraka Soap   Our El Baraka Soap venkatesh hair and combat the sechresse of the scalp, very well also for the skin, very rich in vitamin that will feed your skin, it combats hair loss and stimulates the regrowth of hair.Cleanses, Nourishes and Smoothens the Skin. Natural formulation of soap with Black Seed and Olive Oil. The soap actively moisturizes...

    4,25 €
  • Nigella Oil for hair care

    Nigella Oil for hair care (Al Itkan) Our Nigella Oil  for care is natural 100%, this oil of nigella is designed specifically for hair, nourishes very well the scalp, repairs damaged hair, and nourishes dry hair. Net weight :  60ml 

    3,85 €
  • Black Seed Massage Cream

    Black Seed Massage Cream Our Black Seed Massage Cream is very well for the pains of rheumatism, you can also use it on the nose and chest in case of flu, or put it in boiling water then breathe the rising steam.

    4,75 €
  • Ghassoul Clay Face Mask Pure with Nigella Sativa

    Ghassoul Clay Face Mask Pure with Nigella SativaOur Ghassoul Clay Face Mask Pure with Nigella Sativa is used to clean and restore a balance to your face, a foam made from the Nigella, oil and ghassoul, Hemani natural plants, makes your clear face, gives it more vitality and good health.Net weight: 100 g

    5,23 €
  • Black Cumin Seed Cream

    Black Cumin Seed CreamOur Black Cumin Cream have very good quality, useful for is massaging the skin against the pain of the joints, back pain, the coup, tendonitis, brings.It is known for its moisturizing properties and its ability to strengthen skin's natural moisture barrier. Rich in Vitamin E and essential fatty acids, it's been renowned as a...

    4,75 €

    12 HERMANI BLACK SEED OIL 100% PURE COLD PRESSED NIGELLA SATIVAThe Hemani Black Seeds Oil is a dietary supplement that is made of oil extracted from Nigella sativa seeds. There are no additives or preservatives in this product, it is completely unadulterated and pure. The Nigella sativa plant, its seeds and the oil extracted from them have been...

    60,18 € 70,80 € -15%
  • Lot of 12 Nigella Oil

    Lot of 12 Nigella Oil   Our Nigella Oil  can be used for massage or also to drink. It is abundantly rich in chemicals that can help treat asthma, nausea, heart diseases, diabetes, hypertension, meningitis and to an extent even cancer.

    54,00 € 72,00 € -25%
  • Hemani Black Seed Cream

    Hemani Black Seed Cream (Massage & Muscle Relaxant)  Our Hemani Black Seed Cream contains black seed oil, helps to relax the muscles. Hemani Black Seed Cream is bursting with goodness of natural extracts that help leave the skin lighter, firmer, and smoother. Net weight : 50 g

    2,98 €
  • Lot of 12 bag Grains of black cumin powder

    Lot of 12 bag Grains of black cumin powder The Black Cumin meet an essential set of phytochemical properties for long life. Increasingly scientists endorse scientific results of this ancient food and undoubtedly is a great ally essential to health.  

    10,00 €
  • Black Seed Rub

    Black Seed RubBlack Seed Rub Experience relief and soothing healing with this herbal rub. This topical vapor rub can be applied to the chest, neck, and back to relieve joint and muscle pain. It can also be applied to the chest and neck for the common cold and flu. Do not apply on wounds. Not recommended for children under 3 years. For External use only.

    3,33 €

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