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Plants Roqya الرقية

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  • Ruta de Graveolens plants (Figel)

      Ruta de Graveolens plants (Figel) 100 grams of Ruta de Graveolens plants or the so-called Figel in Arabic language . Ruta graveolens  increase appetite or to relieve symptoms croupy. Ruta oil can be applied to areas suffering from sciatica or to relieve chest congestion. Homeopathic preparations are available to treat arthritis and joint pain.

    3,00 €
  • Lot of 12 Indian Costus

    Lot of 12 Indian costus Buy 12 ground Indian costus ( 20 grams), which will make a total of 240 grams, with a great reduction of 40%, offer is limited according to the stock available.

    64,98 €
  • Shea Butter Oil

    Shea Butter OilOur Shea Butter Oil reduces the appearance of wrinkles and skin cancer , cracks abdomen after childbirth, dry skin, dry scalp, Cracked feet or fissures of the feet, dark circles around the eyes, wounds, scar on the face, psoriasis, eczema.Net weight : 30ml

    4,28 €
  • Jujube Oil 30ml

    Jujube Oil  Our Jujube Oil  cleans the stomach, purifies the blood and intestines, useful in case of thoracic and respiratory oppression, stimulates and vitalizes the body, inflammation of the throat and the instalment, dessipe the effects of poisons and witchcraft.  Net weight : 30ml

    4,75 €
  • Wormwood Oil 30ml

    Wormwood Oil Our Wormwood Oil help to get rid of intestinal worms, restores appetite, helps evacuate gases, help in case of cough, facilitates the slimming, beneficial in case of delay of the rules for women, may also be very nourishing for the hair.Net weight : 30 ml 

    3,99 €
  •  Moroccan Fassokh  Moroccan Fassokh
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    Moroccan Fassokh

    Moroccan Fassokh Al fassoukh is a black product that looks a bit like black soap, and many people especially wheat used to prevent the latter Sihr or to remove al ayn, and take out the chayatines. Net weight 50 g  

    10,00 €
  • Nigella Oil 1000ml

    Nigella Oil 1000ml Nigella Sativa Oil is the perfect balance food complement your interior. You full of energy to face the changing seasons! Each year, two priests of Nigella

    50,00 €
  • The best antidote against witchcraft

    The best antidote against witchcraft (Atiryak)We live in a world full of difficult people, where witchcraft and envy are twin sisters. Often experts in these issues when they see black will knock down a job, sometimes not cleaned then knock this work and that is very dangerous.Our cure recipe called Attiryak (antidote) is the good formula that remove...

    3,00 €
  • Injab treatment Pack

    Pack Injab  The causes of sterility are diverse and vary according to sex.These causes are due in 65% of cases to women's causes, another 25% of the time to male causes, 10% of the time to causes that are neither male nor female but are combined when it contacts the male sperm with the female cervical mucus

    55,40 €
  • Carob (Kharoube)

    Carob Carob is a tree from Syria and Palestine and has spread across the southern and western Mediterranean to the shores of Italy and Spain.Decreases appetite, which can be used in slimming diets. 

    1,80 € 2,00 € -10%
  • Peganum Harmala

    Peganum HarmalaPeganum harmala prevents the catabolism of certain substances up to the brain,The Peganum harmala enhances the effect of the fungi and makes effective the DMT consumed orally. Net weight : 50g

    1,43 €
  • Gross Indian costus 50 g

    Gross Indian costus Gross Indian costus is used to treat various ailments such as migraines, pleurisy. He makes the rules and the emission of urine, a vermifuge action acts on freckles. Stomachic, emmenagogue, antispasmodic Net weight : 50g

    3,00 €
  • Cure Recipe of Sheikh Romy against magic, the evil eye

    Cure Recipe of Sheikh Romy against magic, the evil eyeMany have heard about the evil eye. Some even claim to have been affected by this force.Many of these diseases have a logical explanation medically, but many of them have no response medically, doctors do not know the reason for them.Bathroom eficace against magic, the evil eye. Ideal for someone...

    33,25 €
  • Pack of 7 Cd Audio Roqya prepared by Abou Moussaab

    Pack of 7 Cd Audio Roqya prepared by Abou Moussaab Maher Pack of 7 Cd Audio Roqya contains most roqyas of Abou Moussaab prepared in CDs. 

    20,22 €

    12 HERMANI BLACK SEED OIL 100% PURE COLD PRESSED NIGELLA SATIVAThe Hemani Black Seeds Oil is a dietary supplement that is made of oil extracted from Nigella sativa seeds. There are no additives or preservatives in this product, it is completely unadulterated and pure. The Nigella sativa plant, its seeds and the oil extracted from them have been...

    60,18 € 70,80 € -15%
  • Alum Stone ground 500g

    Alum stone ground  Alum Stone ground  help to reduce odors limit sweating, sore gums, mouth ulcers, oral and dental buttons acne, fungus, mosquitoes. Alum Stone an indispensable complement to your daily hygiene routine. A genuine 100% mineral panacea which is also odourless. Net weight : 500g  

    8,22 €
  • Costus Indian 20 g Costus Indian 20 g
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    Costus Indian 20 g

    Costus Indian Powder Costus is a legendary aromatic and medicinal plantwhich is known as Costus is 2 metres in length and is generally found in the northwest and northeast of the sub Himalayan regions. The roots are used for medicinal purposes. Net weight : 20g

    5,70 €
  • Safa Black seed Oil, Cold Pressed

    Safa Black seed Oil, Cold Pressed Our Safa Black seed Oil, Cold Pressed is free coranized for you .It is used for a variety of conditions and treatments related to respiratory health, stomach and intestinal health.   Net weight : 30 ml 

    6,35 €
  • 500g of Sidr ground (Ziziphus)

     Sidr Ground (Ziziphus) The sidr tradionally is used by Muslims to wash. It allows to fix indigo and katam and is well suited for dry hair. It is also recommended to treat diseases of the scalp. Net weight : bag of 500g

    26,00 €
  • Sidr (Jujibier) ground 50g

    Sidr (Jujibier) ground Sidr (Jujibier) ground deeply hydrate your face and removes pimples ,it is very effective anti-wrinkle .It's also used against arterial hypertension.Net weight :  50 g  

    2,00 €
  • Alum stone 500 g (Chebba in Arabic Language)

     Alum Stone 500 g (Chebba in Arabic Language)Alum stones properties are known since a long time, we even find some papyrus which talks about alum stones uses.Used since the Antiquity as a cosmetic, it’s also has been used in the textile industry. During the last centuries a lot of uses of the alum stones have been discovered as well as in the...

    7,27 €
  • Royal Jelly

    Royal Jelly Our Royal Jelly originating in Saudi Arabia is a milky secretion produced by worker honey bees. It typically contains about 60% to 70% water, 12% to 15% proteins, 10% to 16% sugar, 3% to 6% fats, and 2% to 3% vitamins,

    5,00 €
  • Treatment against the Djinn's love to human (Demon)

    Treatment against Djinn of love (demon) Demonic possession can be caused by diabolical love,people who walks naked in her house, or sleep naked without covering is subjected to the worst kind of demons.

    46,19 €
  • Treatment used for protection against the evil eye (ayn)

    Treatment used for protection against the evil eye (ayn) The evil eye is a curse believed to be cast by a malevolent glare , usually given to a person when they are unaware.Many cultures believe that receiving the evil eye will cause misfortune  or injury . Our treatment created to protect  against the evil eye are also frequently called "evil eyes".

    36,87 €

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