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Ziziphus leaf (sidr)



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50g bag of leaves of jujube

This plant is used especially in the context of rokya to treat witchcraft, evil eye, and feel by the jinn or demons and its effectiveness is proven

(called sidr in Arabic)

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 It is used particularly in the rokya and are efficiency is proved.

Sheikh Ibn Bâz (majmu'at ' fatwas), Ibn ' Outhaymine (fatawa al-' Aqidah) and others in their fatawas this practice in the rokya it very well explained.

It is used with water and it precrumble the leaves of Ziziphus, it takes water in a bottle (or Zam Zam) and one recites verse of the Koran accurate, then pays the leaves of Ziziphus in crumb in water is drinking the ill person, and it is shower also for the equivalent of a glass of water once a day.

And scholars including said that this could be used as much as the person in need.

Description of the leaf of Ziziphus:

The Ziziphus is a small tree reaching 6-8 m tall, with a trunk cracks to Brown bark and spiny, filiform, spindly branches. The leaves are deciduous, alternate, oval and deformed, and the small yellow flowers are arranged in short cymes. The jujube fruit is a drupe which the pulp surrounds a core with a single seed.

The Ziziphus leaf is called also Gingeolier, Dindoulier, Chichourlier, Guinourlier, dog-Croc, Zizyphus jujuba, the Rhamnaceae family

Of majorthe leaf of Ziziphus are flavonoids, saponins, of vitamin C, tannins, glycosides, mucilage

Used parts are the fruits, leaves, and bark of the branches

In the Muslim tradition, these (sixir) leaves are used to treat witchcraft, a tree that exists in heaven:

They will include jujubiers thornless surah 56, Al-Waqi'a (the event), verse 28

It also speaks of the Ziziphus in the story of the night journey of the Ascension of Mohammed sala allaho alayhi wa salam accompanied by the Angel Gabriel to the Ziziphus in the upper limit.

And then he took me to "Sidrat al-Muntaha" (the upper limit Ziziphus) whose leaves resemble the ears of elephants and the fruits were [large] as the pitchers. At the time where - by the order of Allah - the Ziziphus was covered in which covered, he turned and none of the creatures of Allah could describe its splendor.

Several Hadith report that the Prophet sala allaho 3alayhi wa salam asked those responsible for washing a death, wash with water mixed with the Ziziphus.

occult diseases
Take 7 leaves of Ziziphus, crush them in a water bottle and drink
three mouthfuls and wash with the rest of the bottle! Attention do not discard
the water in the sewers but in the natureby precautions!

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