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Herbal tea with Senna leaves



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Senna leaf bag - 20 g

Bag of senna leaves - 50 g Very good laxative recommended by our messenger Muhammad advised in cases of witchcraft as eaten. 

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 Use in the case of :

-Constipation by obstruction of the heat with bloating
-Food accumulations
-Peptic ulcer with hemorrhage.

-Occasional constipation in adults, duration of therapy for up to 10 days, unless medical opinion. 
-Intestinal purging (medical examinations). 
-Hemorrhoids (the sene promotes soft stool): attention before using the Senna for hemorrhoids ask Board to your specialist who will let know you if in your case it is indicated.


Preparation of sana makki (Senna leaves) :

 (1) Take 2 tablespoons of sana makki in a pot of water (1 litre) that is boiling.

 (2) Add a small teaspoon of ground ginger.

 (3) Let stand several hours then filter in a bottle that it keeps in the refrigerator.


%26gt; %26gt; Can coraniser preparation in reading by the neck of the bottle (recite 3 times the fatiha, 3 times ayat el kursy, 3 times surah al Ikhlas 3 times surah al)Falaq, surah 3 times year nass and blow into the bottle. (You can even splutter a little because saliva is very coranisée after the recitation).


Mode d'emploi:

Drink 20 cl (a normal glass) the morning fasting.

Sweeten with a small spoon of honey coranisé for taste and for more profit.

You can either cold drink or hot drink for a more rapid effect!


Sanna makki treatment should last onlya week both and only concerned with those who have a sihr ate or drank.


Effects : 

%26gt; Laxative(by stimulation of peristalsis of the bowel): effect afters about 10 hours which 

causes of soft stool. The Senna may be irritating it is why should it use that against occasional constipation. 

%26gt; Pharmacology: the properties of anthracenes (active principles contained in the sene) prevent the loss of water and electrolytes at the level of the large intestine, which causes soft stools. 


Side effects, contraindications, interaction :

Side effects :  long-term or excessive use this may cause the loss of some minerals: potassium (K),... Gastrointestinal cramps.
Contraindication : pregnancy, lactation, little children.
Interaction : hypokalemia use extended with certain heart medications.

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