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traditional Kohl



Plantes du Maroc

A small bottle of traditional Kohl

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Kohl unleaded, prepared in a traditional way of FEZ (a known by attachment to tradition for hundreds of years.)

Magic of Kohl for a look of embers

The Kohl, East fard that sublime eye him giving the mystery has always fascinated...

"Everybody knows the charm of these oriental eyes growing brightness of this black line due to the use of Kohl, in use in the Levant". "This invention to the eye gives a particular attraction, whatever one-sided and a little fierce that animates these small mines fresh and regular" said Eugene Delacroix.

The legend actually a present of God: when the brightness of the Lord appeared on the Mount of Sinai, he scoured the entire mountain and calcining all his stones, transformed into Kohl...

Symbol of Eastern beauty, Kohl reigned in North Africa and in the Middle East. Kohl is a fine powder whose color night blue iridescent black deep through the anthracite grey. It is obtained by grinding of antimony, a metallic mineral. This blush powder is obtained by grinding of antimony, a mineral extracted mountainous rocks, containing multiple components (nuclei of dates, olive, cloves...).


The preparationKohl

The recipe of this powder varies from the Iraq to the Morocco, each region and each wife had her own recipe, its own secrets. One of the classic recipes was to mix in equal proportions of copper sulphate, calcined alum, the Zenjar (copper carbonate) and a few cloves, then reduce the different ingredients in a mortar. In the Morocco, was added a few drops of olive oil to make it softer to the application. And then there was the powder in a vase in the land, that is exposed to a small flame. After which, on the tamisait through a fine handkerchief. He needed once the work and attention to detail to obtain the valuable black powder...

The legends, this wonderful powder, which gives shine, depth and mystery to the eye, also has antiseptic properties and is suitable even for the most sensitive eyes.

The virtues of Kohl

Kohl was applied for purposes cleansing, to treat conjunctivitis, irritation and redness of the eye. The use of Kohl in the Eastern peoples had therefore first, practical reason: it was deemed to protect eye infections, but Sandy wind and the burning light of the desert on the seventh day of a newborn baby, the midwife was Kohl to the baby, to protect his sensitive eyes of insect bites and conjunctivitis.

The application ofKohl

Last rampart of seduction of the women of the Ajjer (Tuareg), the eyes were the only part of the face they could discover and Kohl is not unparalleled to intensify the look. There was no woman who had in his possession one of these filled vials of black powder.

Kohl applies with a smooth wood rod, the mirwed. For it spread, impregnating him powder, and then dragged between the two mi-closes eyelids, the Interior of the eye outward. For a faster pace make-up, it returns along the Cilia of the upper eyelid

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traditional Kohl

traditional Kohl

A small bottle of traditional Kohl

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